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Photographer Special Safaris

From: $ 2475 per person (6 days, 5 nights)
Tarangire Manyara Serengeti Ngorongoro
Tour Overview
  • 5 nights at Under Canvas Camp
  • Full day game drives
  • Sunset and sunsrise game drives
  • Person tents
  • Wilderness Area
  • Off Road in Ndutu

The wildebeest are one of the most important pieces in the Serengeti ecosystem puzzle. Their migration is as old as the history of mankind. For many millenniums the wildebeest followed the rains and used the Serengeti ecosystem with its mosaic of grasslands and savannas to their advantage. Everyone who has a chance to see nearly two million animals on the move has been touched by the magic of this place. Even so the wildebeest looks a bit like a clown and, according to an African legend, has been put together by God using left over spare parts, the animal is superbly fit for its migratory lifestyle.

The wildebeest spent the rainy season from December to June in the volcanic open plains below the Ngorongoro Crater where the grass growth is most productive and nutrient contents high. It is here that the calves are born. Calving season is short and the predators cannot make a dent in the new-borns with such a sudden surge of food. When the monsoon rains stop in June, the plains dry out and the wildebeest move west towards Lake Victoria in search of pasture and rains. The plains become a harsh and dry semi-desert in which no wildebeest could survive. Only through migration can the wildebeest and zebra use the widespread resources of the ecosystem and build up such large numbers. Following der rainfalls the migration moves on to the north, into the Masai Mara, where the rift wall catches the last rains even in the middle of the dry season. With the onset of the monsoon rains in December the wildebeest move back into the lush Serengeti plains

Day  1  :  Safari from Arusha to Tarangire National Park
Lake Burunge Tented Camp
Full Board
Exclusive Private Safaris
Just after breakfast depart from Arusha to Tarangire.In 1h30min you will find you self in Tarangire. Game drive in the Park with lunch break. Picnic lunch in the park. Followed by afternoon game drive till in the evening when you will drive for overnight.
Day  2  :  Tarangire - in Ndutu
Serengeti Under Canvas
Full Board
Exclusive Private Safaris
Breakfast at the Camp and leave to Ndutu Plains via Ngorongoro with game drive en route, picnin Lunch. at Late Afternoon game drive in Ndutu to Sunset, dinner and overnight at Luxury Mobile Camp(Base in Ndutu)
Day  3  :  Full Day in Ndutu
Serengeti Under Canvas
Full Board
Exclusive Private Safaris
Morning Call from Ndutu birds will wake you up for breakfast and ready to leave for game drive. You will not come back for lunch only take full day with picnic lunch. Sunset game drive in Ndutu, dinner and overnight Luxury Mobile Camp
Day  4  :  Ndutu Serengeti - Seronera River Valley
Serengeti Under Canvas
Full Board
Exclusive Private Safaris
Depart in the Morning for game drive in Serengeti later on drive to Ndutu for overnight. A Day tour in Ndutu that give chance to see the Seronera River Valley
Day  5  :  Full Day in Ndutu
Serengeti Under Canvas
Full Board
Exclusive Private Safaris
Yet Another Full day in Ndutu
Day  6  :  Ngorongoro Crater Tour - Arusha
Hotel of Your Choice
Half Board
Exclusive Private Safaris
In the morning you will leave for Ngorongoro crater tour, Spend time in the crater searching for rhino and many other animals, later on drive to Arusha.
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Tarangire National Park

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Serengeti National Park - Mara River

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Price Base on 4 people please, let us know how many are you and we will make price for you.

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