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The Virunga Sound - Rwanda & Uganda

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Although you may think the two country offer the same but is not true. You will have something deferent every time visiting each country due to the richness of flora and fauna as far as diversity of culture history and life style. We will provide you with range of African tours to Rwanda and Uganda.


We are delighted to welcome you to Uganda the pearl of Africa where the life turns live and probably life began. Our Safaris are exciting and offer adventure, curiosity that fulfills your dream of visiting Africa. It will be exciting to discover primate life in these two countries.


Rwanda is one of the most beautiful countries in Gorillas in Rwanda Africa. This tiny country is one of the few safari destinations in Africa where mountain gorillas can be seen in their natural environments! An unforgettable Rwanda safari awaits you in the long range of thousand hills to Virunga Mountains, with excellent wildlife viewing, superb food, luxury air-conditioned accommodation, and a personal guide of exceptional quality and experience – our prices are better for the value of services we provide. If this Safari does not suit your exact requirements, you can choose to tailor made this itinerary and we will work together with you to reach the goal of your dream. This Safari also can be amended from our standard to luxury gorilla tours, wildlife safaris, cultural tours and other safari packages. We also offer all-inclusive fly-in or self-drive holidays from Kigali or Kampala in Uganda.

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