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Marangu Route - Kilimanjaro

From: $ 1150 per person (5 days, 5 nights)
Kilimanjaro National Park
Tour Overview
  • Return transfer to Marangu Gate.
  • Water during trekking.
  • 4 nights in the huts.
  • Supporting crew
  • Enough food during the trekking
  • Well trained Mountain Guide and cook

If you are not accustomed to camping and mountain walking you could consider the Marangu Route as the most suitable. This follows easy angled paths through magnificent rain forests to the Mandara Hut. Shortly beyond it passes Maundi Crater, a fine view point located at the edge of the forest belt. Above you enter the moorlands with their fine giant heathers stands, groundsels, lobelia and other exotic tropical high altitude plants. The next hut is the Horombo Hut; soon after this hut you reach the Saddle, a high altitude desert separating the rugged Mawenzi summit from Kibo. The final ascent starts from the Kibo Hut and involves steep paths on loose scree. There is fresh running water at all the huts apart from Kibo where it will be carried by your porters. You will be accommodated generally in 4 person clean huts with mattresses.

Day  1  :  Marangu Gate - Mandara Hut
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Drive to Marangu gate. The drive takes about 2 hours from Arusha and about 45 minutes from Moshi. The drive is on good road with glorious views of Mt. Meru and Mt Kilimanjaro on clear mornings. After registration at the gate and rechecking of equipment the trek starts through rain forest to Mandara Hut. 3 - 5 hours hike - 7 km. Evening free at the hut. Dinner and overnight
Day  2  :  Mandara - Horombo
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After breakfast hike up to Horombo Hut on the moorland. The hut is reached after 5-7 hours hike. Horombo is 3720m asl Evening free at the campsite. Dinner and overnight
Day  3  :  Horombo - Kibo -Uhuru Peak
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Early breakfast, hike up on to the Saddle (lunar landscaped) and across between the two Peaks of Mawenzi and Kibo. This part will take you from 5 to 7 hours to arrive at Kibo Hut. 13 km hike. Dinner and overnight
Day  4  :  Uhuru Peak - Mandara
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Start for the last leg to Uhuru peak by 1201am After 5 - 6 hours of a steady climb on heavy scree you will arrive at Gillmans Point - 5685m asl on the rim of the Kibo Crater. A magnificent sunrise will welcome you to enjoy the glorious artistic work on the Kibo volcano. Ancient glaciers more than 700,000 years old offer amazing sites. After one and one half hour hike on the Southern rim of the Crater you will reach UHURU PEAK - The Highest Point in Africa at 5896m above sea level. 5 km hike to Uhuru Peak 6 to 7 hours You have made it to the ROOF OF AFRICA Cheers without a bottle of champagne? Moments will be spent here to take some memorable photos, admire the beautiful views of the Kibo Crater and the glacier fields. Your spirit will definitely rejoin the body at this juncture. Retrace the route down to Kibo Hut for a brunch. Descend to Horombo Hut. 18kms 5 to 7 hours.
Day  5  :  Mandara Hut - Marangu Gate -Moshi
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Descend leisurely to Marangu gate. Your ankles might not accept the word leisurely. After certificate award ceremonies, transfer to Moshi town.Dinner and overnight;
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Moshi Town

'A total guest experience,'— it is in the attention to detail: The stylishly distinctive aura and upscale room essentials. Innovative spaces and dining that’s a little classi ...

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Kilimanjaro Marangu Route: Very popular tourist route, normally take from 5-6 days. Covering 72km Approaches from southeast, easy, gentle gradients, beautiful rain forest section and moorlands, comfortable but basic hut shelter, poor acclimatization profile, descent on same trail         

Kilimanjaro Machame Route:  Second most popular route which cover 62Km for a duration of 6-7 Days, approaches from south, very scenic route with southern traverse, difficult route but very good for acclimatization, camping          

Kilimanjaro Rongai Route:  Long access drive to trailhead route, take 6-7 Days to climb for a distance of 73km, approaches from north, remote, less frequented, easy, gentle gradients, beautiful alpine desert section, good alternative to Marangu, camping, fair acclimatization profile, camping 

Kilimanjaro Lemosho Route: Covering 70km and take 7-8 Days, Long access drive to trailhead, approaches from west, remote, less frequented, beautiful heath section, very scenic with southern traverse, camping, difficult route but excellent for acclimatization, camping  

Kilimanjaro Shira Route, It is the second shortest with a distance of 56km take 7-8 days, Almost same as Lemosho, approaches from west, long access drive to trailhead, trail starts at 11,800 ft, remote, less frequented, beautiful heath section, very scenic with southern traverse, camping, difficult route but excellent for acclimatization if ok at 11,800 ft, camping 

Kilimanjaro Umbwe Route              Least used trail, approaches from south, shortest and steepest route, spectacular ridge, scenic with southern traverse, difficult route with poor acclimatization profile, pre-acclimatization is recommended, camping, The shortest route but more technical climb for 53km and 5-6 days             

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